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Aberdeen holds another successful dinner

The growing St Lazarus branch in Aberdeen attracted a “house full” sign for their second dinner in the Granite City, held in October in historic Trinity Hall.

Chairman Duncan Cameron welcomed guests from as far away as Lanarkshire, Derbyshire and Kent. (NB photo captions at foot of page)

The proceedings bore a stylish stamp through wide use of seat places, on individual menu cards, on table banners, in personal banners of St Lazarus members around the hall, and most of all, on a brand-new pipe banner commissioned by the emerging Aberdeen branch.

This banner is the gift of St Lazarus Aberdeen to the Order in Scotland, with chairman Duncan’s wish that it “be used as often and as widely as possible”. Piper Gordon Casely launched the banner when he led in the top table.

Hospitaller Roy Scott proved once again that his metier is in compiling and delivering Graces that are at once witty and sincere. Recently-joined member Norman McPherson gave the Loyal Toast. Chief guest Col John Kelly, Grand Baillie of the Order proposed the toast “The Order of St Lazarus” in an amusing and informative speech, while Gordon Casely reverted to Doric in his Vote of Thanks.

Albert Thomson presented Col Kelly with a mug bearing double arms of St Lazarus – and then chairman Duncan surprised Albert and Gordon by presenting by crystal tumblers for their help in organising the event.

Immediate past Lord Provost of Aberdeen Dr Peter Stephen proposed “Bon Accord” (the traditional final toast in Aberdeen), with singer Yvonne Morton leading the company in Auld Lang Syne.   

This was the dinner that was never meant to happen. The 2013 event was created as a one-off. So successful was it however, that public demand required another, and this same public demand has led to the 2015 dinner (the third) being arranged for Saturday 17 October, 2015, at 1830 for 1900, and once again in Trinity Hall. Seating is to be expanded to 50, so the message is: “If you want to be there, book NOW!”

Gordon Casely


Top: (l to r) Elizabeth Partington, Ron Partington, Dr Jane Fox, Duncan Cameron, Alison Kelly, Col John Kelly, Janette Scott, Roy Scott

Second: (l to r) Henry Sim, Norma Sim, Sandra Stephen, Dr Peter Stephen

Third: Heraldic table banners and menus

Below: Table banner of Rev Stephen Taylor